Fashion Aid 2016

We are so excited to announce that we are the 2016 Fashion Aid ambassadors!

Fashion Aid is all about bringing fashion and charity together! We love fashion and charities are important to us, so that’s why we decided to become ambassadors for Fashion Aid 2016!

We are proud to be behind such an amazing cause, and support the amazing work the Fight Cancer Foundation does, as well as the The Leukaemia Foundation’s Building of Hope.

Fight Cancer Foundation works to make sure no family has to go through cancer alone. We love the idea of sticking together and supporting each other, through thick and thin!

They also support research that makes a real difference like the Melbourne Cord Blood Bank which we were lucky enough to have a tour of!
We were able to witness first hand how they process and extract the blood, and the different processes the blood goes through!

We then were able to have a tour of the Royal Children’s Hospital, and visit the Cancer ward. We met the most incredible, brave young children! Which we hope to continue to visit and spend time with over the year!

Herald Sun – Fashion Aid 2016



Wearing: Craig Braybrook Couture & Kallure Jewellery

Hair by Ciccone

Photography: Tim Carrafa

Thanks to Helen Reizer, Fiona Byrne, #SimplySocialMGT


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